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How and where should I raise my hands up to for takbir at the commencement of the salaat? (would like Hanafi ruling) When sitting in tasshahud, after raising the finger for atahiyaat, should the hand be left in the shape of a fist after lowering the finger or maybe be rested? Should the finger return into the fist or be layed flat to rest without being in the air? (would like Hanafi ruling)

Category: Ṣalāh/Prayer
Answer By: Ml Atiq Ullah 

Answer: As for your first question: The hands should be raised in such a manner that the thumbs are adjacent to the earlobes and the fingertips are in line with the tip of the ears. The palms should be facing the qiblah with the fingers rested normally; neither spread out, nor conjoined. When raising the hands for takbīr, one should not lower their head to bring the ears in line with the hands. Regarding the second question: When raising the index finger during the shahādah in tashahhud, the pinky and ring finger should be clenched and a ring shape should be made with the thumb and middle finger. When lowering the index finger, the hand should remain in the same position, with the index finger being laid flat to rest. Allah Knows best.

Does sleeping in salah break my wuzu?

Category: Ṭahārah/Purification Answer By: MI Hamoon Masudi

Answer: الجواب حامدا ومصليا Sleeping in salah does not break ones wuzu if all the actions in salah are performed correctly Allah Knows Best MI Hamoon Ifta’ Al-Hikmah Institute والله اعلم

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