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About the Program:

ʿĀlim Course is a rigorous seven-year program to become a God-fearing scholar, academic, researcher, and the flag-bearer of the magnificent dīn of Allah ﷻ. Students will study a well-built curriculum under qualified and nurturing scholars in a traditional environment. We aim to produce God-fearing scholars who are well equipped to spread the legacy of our beloved Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ and be a beacon of light in the modern world.


– Must be able to read the Qur’ān fluently
– Minimum age 14
– Must be able speak, read, and write in English
Class Timings:
– 7:30am – 1:45pm Mon-Sat
– 7:30am – 12:00pm on Fridays
Students also have the option to study High School alongside the ʿĀlim Program. Academics will be taught by our partnering Academy, Bayaan Academy. Academic classes will be taught online from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.


Below are the courses covered in the ʿĀlim Course.

– “Tashīl al-Naḥw” in Arabic Syntax (Naḥw).
– “Tashīl al-Ṣarf” in Arabic Morphology (Ṣarf).
– “Qaṣaṣ al-Nabiyyīn (Stories of the Prophets) (vol.1&2)” in Arabic Literature (Adab).
– “Durūs al-Lugah al-ʿArabiyyah” in Conversational Arabic (Mukālamah).
– Classes on Arabic writing, sentence structuring and grammatical analysis.
– “Ascent to Felicity” in Islāmic Jurisprudence (Fiqh).
– “al-ʿĀqīdah al-Taḥawiyyah” and Intro to Modern-Ism’s.
– “Zād al-Ṭalibīn” in Prophetic Traditions (Aḥadīth).
– “Tajwīd for Beginners” in learning the rules of tajwīd.
– “Bidāyat al-Hidāyah” in Islāmic Spirituality (Taṣawwuf).
– “Prophet of Mercy” in Prophetic Biography (Sīrah).
– “Learning Urdu” / “Allah kay Rasul” in learning the basics of Urdu.
– Qur’ān Class to perfect Qur’ānic recitation and memorize 30th Juzz.


*School Year consists of three terms. The above books/subjects are divided accordingly.


Qur’ān Translation from Sūrah Yūnus till Sūrah al-Qaṣaṣ.
– “Tahdīb al-Akhlāq” for Prophetic Traditions.
– “Mukhtaṣar al-Qudūrī (Ṭahāra-Ḥajj)” in Islamic Jurisprudence and law.
– “Hidāyat al-Naḥw” in Arabic Syntax.
– “ʿIlm al-Sīgah” in Arabic Morphology.
– “Qaṣaṣ al-Nabiyyīn (vol. 3&4)” in Arabic Literature.
– “Fawāid Makkiyyah” and “Jāmiʿ al-Waqf” in tajwīd.
– “Rasm al-Kaṭṭ” about the script of the Qur’ān.
– Classes about the eloquence of the Qur’ān and it’s grammatical analysis.
– Classes on Islāmic History from the demise of the Prophet ﷺ till the last Islamic empire.
– Classes in learning Urdu.


* School Year consists of three terms. The above books/subjects are divided accordingly.

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Tuition & Aids

ʿĀlimiyyah Program:

Tuition for ʿĀlim Course$4,800 Yearly ($400 Monthly)
Registration Fees$100
Book FeesVaries

High School:

Tuition for High School$2,000 Yearly ($200 for 10 Mons)
Assessment & Tec fees$200

Financial Aid is available, don’t hesitate to enquire.

Al-Hikmah Institute ‘Ālimiyyah Programs Registration

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